Monday, February 14, 2011

Church In The Box

One of the privileges I have is working with the chaplain of Redeemer University College, Dr. Syd Hielema, as an adjunct chaplain. As he words it – he is a reformed guy with pentecostal leanings and I am a pentecostal guy with reformed leanings.

Actually, I was sort of a John the Baptist for him, forerunning as a part-time chaplain at Redeemer ,from 1997 to 2006, clearing the way for a full time chaplaincy position. Anyhoo...., he invited me to join him this year, a day per week – which helps augment my income and provides yet another avenue for me to pour into the emerging generation. This includes my own son, Jordan, who is actively involved in the life of the school. Working in both secular and Christian institutions, I recognize that there are challenges and opportunities in both, with considerable common ground.

One of the privileges of working at Redeemer is being able to work with the spiritual ‘keeners’, who see Redeemer as a means to the greater ends of being worldchangers. Like any school, students will vary in their reasons for being there, but there is a solid core of them who are there on a mission. Some of those students are involved in leading what is called “Church In The Box” ( CITB ) where, as I tell them, they are not a church but they are doing church. It is Church as a verb, if you will. Once per month around a thousand young people gather to worship, hear a speaker and be challenged in their faith.

Corey, Paul and Team...

The beauty of it is: the students pretty much do it all. They develop the themes, discuss and select the songs, lead the worship, do drama and creative arts, greet, pray, do prayer ministry, run the AV and lights, select the speaker and whatever else it takes to pull off the biggest production at Redeemer outside of convocation. They have a faculty advisor, Richard Wikkerink, and chaplaincy input and oversite, which has proven helpful for continuity and guidance.

Tag Team Scripture Reading

Anyway, last night was the February CITB, featuring a well loved professor of English at Redeemer, Dr. Deborah (Deb) Bowen. Deb, picking up the theme of “Sidekicks of The Faith” talked about a “ministry couple” namely, Aquila and Priscilla.   A & P were friends of the apostle Paul used strategically by God in the propagation of the gospel. In a humble, personal fashion she described current examples of key people who had modeled 'gospel partnerships' and who had made an impact on the life of both her and her husband, Dr. John Bowen.

Dr. Bowen Presents:

I love that worship team. The leader, Corey, has both skill and presence. I want to find out sometime what it is that made him into what he is. Yet the cool thing is that he does not dominate. Like a great quarterback, he distributes the ball. It’s a great combination. Anyway, kudos to the entire CITB team for another job well done.

Come Be The Fire....

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